Our People

Our people have built our business on their skills and capabilities. Our people are passionate, focussed on excelling on requirements and solutions, inquisitive, and who like to innovate and think outside the box for our clients and for our business. We bring our experiences, perspectives and ideas to the table to accomplish great things.

Maria Castillo (CPA, MIPA, M.M)


My name is Maria Castillo, founder of Virtual Business and Accounting Services, an Australian leading organisation focussed on providing quality business, taxation and accounting services.

Being a business owner myself, and having working in many industries with many businesses, small to large, I understand the requirements and difficulties that go with running a business.

I am also aware that the financial side of running a business can be very overwhelming and time consuming, so in 2019 I founded Virtual Business and Accounting Services.

Having undergone extensive training to meet the Professional Standards of my qualifications I pride myself on providing, to my clients, the best quality service to Achieve Your Business Goals.

I have worked in professional services, private industry and the public sector, where my roles entailed various accounting positions to managerial and team leadership responsibilities, where I now have an extensive knowledge of the multitudinous aspects of the industry.

By offering services assisting people with all financial aspects of their business and other entities, we can facilitate the smooth operation of a business and their financials, with minimal paperwork and stress. We can assist clients virtually or mobile by appointment.

It is very rewarding to work directly with various clients to apply a people-oriented system that best suits their individual needs, all the while maintaining a high level of professionalism, diligence, and commitment.
I strive to create good client relationships by initially putting the client at ease and building trust.

It is a priority that I maintain awareness of industry and legislative changes, and I am committed to ensuring my knowledge is current.

I always ensure that we are fully aware of all new and emerging technology options so that Your Business will be given the best opportunity to be succeed.

Modern communication techniques such as teleconferencing and other, enables me to assist people who are just starting their own business, or are time poor who might have several commitments requiring flexibility.
I endeavour to stay abreast of trends and updates in communication methods to ensure the continued best possible outcomes and service for my clients.

I understand that Your Time Is Precious and that is why I pride myself on not only providing a high quality service for your needs but also the expertise that all businesses require. Knowing my clients have received the highest standard of service is quite rewarding.

I look forward to working with You to help You Succeed.

Get in touch for a free, no-obligation quote. We will ask some initial questions to help us deliver a tailored proposal specific to your requirements. Our team will be delighted to showcase the services and savings we can offer you, with a technical team working in harmony with your needs.