The Third Party, Customer & Client Code of Conduct gives clear information on the standard of behaviour that we expect from third parties, customers and clients, as well as the types of unwanted behaviours which will not be tolerated. We are in our right to update this code of conduct at any time. The code covers all contact with customers and clients, current, future and previous.

Day to day contact
When third parties, clients and customers contact us over the telephone, in person, virtually/remotely, in writing, by email, internet/social media or via any other means we expect them to: show respect and courtesy to our company, related entities and representatives at all times, treat our representatives as you would like to be treated yourself, assist Virtual Business & Accounting Services by providing as much information as possible so that we can promptly attend to your requirements, be honest, allow employees reasonable time to respond to your requests, answer any appropriate correspondence received from our company, related entities and representatives, respond to any contact made or messages left by Virtual Business and Accounting Services and its representatives when requested. Repeated contact, messages, phone calls, abusive, unwanted and harassing communications and any unwanted conduct towards our company, business, staff, representatives, and related third parties, are not tolerated and will be recorded, and reported.

General conduct (applicable at all times)
We expect third parties, and our customers and clients to liaise with us on a timely, professional, courteous and fair manner. Virtual Business & Accounting Services will not tolerate customers: Using foul, abusive or offensive language (for example swearing or remarks that are discriminatory), making threats or unreasonable demands towards our business, staff and its representatives, or to any of our other clients and customers, any behaviour that makes our staff and representatives feel uncomfortable or fear for their safety, any defamatory action, behaviour or communication toward our company, business, staff, representatives and related parties, personally criticising any individual, discriminating against our business, company, related entities, any representative or employee or other client or customer on the grounds of race, colour, age, religion or political beliefs, disability or illness, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, class, learning difficulty, appearance or employment status, engaging in any form of harassment, or illegal behaviour and/or conduct. Any ill conduct towards our company, business, staff, representatives, and related third parties, are not tolerated and will be recorded, and reported.

Conduct at meetings
When attending meetings with Virtual Business & Accounting Services, its related entities, members of staff, and representatives, we expect third parties, clients and customers to: ensure that they have prepaid for their appointment booking, understand the terms of bookings as noted on their invoice, are prepared for the meeting by reading the relevant invitation or providing information about their appointment request in advance, and where applicable all the relevant documents and bringing them to the meeting, bringing relevant information needed for the discussion, keep to time and meeting subject, be courteous to each other, allowing each other the opportunity to speak one at a time, and comment, and be reasonable and honest.

Terms of Bookings/Meeting Appointments:

Virtual, Face to Face & Phone calls with the Director or an Accountant over 5 minutes are charged as a prepaid booking.  An invoice will be sent to the customer in advance of appointment.

No refunds for cancellations or changes 2 days (48 hours) in advance of the meeting.
If the booking goes over 45 minutes, you will be charged additional fee of $50 up to 60 minutes.
Time after 60 mins is billed in 45 minute blocks.
Changes 2 days before the appointment will incur a new appointment fee.

Payment of other charges, bills, invoices                                                                                                                                                                                                                We require timely payment of invoices upon the due date listed on the invoice or if arranged by direct debit, the debit must be successful on the due date.

Should the debit not be successful, a $15 + GST processing fee will be charged to reprocess the debit.  The overdue bills will also incur a charge of 1.75% per week + gst, and the matter may be referred to formal debt collection procedures. The charge is enforced even where we have allowed the client to pay the fee in due course. All costs of formal debt collection will also be passed onto the client.

To continue to best service our clients we respectfully request that all clients respect the due date and pay their invoices as and when due, to also avoid interest charges and fees of debt collection which are passed onto the client.

We may seek advice from third parties as to how to deal with any occurrence of misconduct.
The relevant party will be reported to the Police and/or other law enforcement bodies, and/or legal action may be taken, whereby the treatment of our staff, representatives, or toward the company, business and related parties, are in contravention with the above, be illegal, unwanted, abusive, threatening, harassing, discriminatory and/ or any other offences considered against the law or cause detriment to the company and related parties and/ or related entities. Unwanted behaviours may also result in the decision, at our discretion, to cancel, suspend or limit our service. We are also able as per the terms of service agreement, to charge for services fees on disrupted work and related termination fees in the event of misconduct.

For any questions and notices, please contact us at:
Virtual Business and Accounting Services – ABN: 63 631 541 216

Last update: 08.02.2019

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